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Given the increasing attention from media and toursim towards the enogastronomic sector the Food and Drug Department in the year 2004 instituted the first degree course treating the complex word of gastronomic quality of foods and related communication.


The course in Gastronomic Science deals with a multidisciplinary approach the knowledge and valorization of foodstuff and typical dishes. In addition to the knowledge of the basic aspects of chemisty, food processing, microbiology and nutrition it focuses in the "culture of food" and the related hystorical, anthropological, psychological, and economic aspects.

The course is organised in 2 semesters. Classes are held in the first 3 months of each semester, while the remaining periods are dedicated to individual study.

It offers a wide range of activities: lectures, practice exercises, audio-video contributions, educational outings, gastronomic workshops, presentation of case studies, intnership activities. All these activies account fo 180 credits. The course is structured in two semesters.


The graduates will cover a large number of high-qualified positions in the following areas:

- enogastronomic tourism

- Production and distribution fo typical products and gastronomy;

- Consortia for the safeguard and valorization of typical products;

- Large scale retail trade, e-commerce, specialized trade activities;

- Organization of trade fairs related to gastronomy;

- Communication, marketing, journalism and eno-gastronomic literature;

- Nutrition education