Non-selective test

In order to be admitted to the Degree Course in Gastronomic Sciences, students must possess a secondary school diploma obtained in Italy or another qualification obtained abroad which is recognized as suitable.  


  Adequate initial preparation is required for admission to the course, and will be verified when enrollment is completed. The initial preparation required is evaluated considering the profit achieved during the studies of Upper Secondary School.    

 IT IS CONSIDERED SUITABLE, and therefore sufficiently prepared to attend the Degree Course, who has obtained the diploma WITH A SCORE OF AT LEAST 70/100 (or 42/60) - (italian secondary school marks).


  Those who HAVE ACHIEVED A LOWER SCORE, must carry out ADDITIONAL TRAINING ACTIVITIES aimed at filling gaps in terms of initial preparation.  

  ADDITIONAL TRAINING OBLIGATIONS (OFA in italian) include personal study and / or participation in courses / seminars in order to lead the student to pass an online test that certifies the achievement of the required level of initial preparation in: BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS, LOGIC, ECONOMY, HISTORY AND GENERAL CULTURE.  


  A calendar of test repetitions is provided to enable the OFA to be fulfilled. The first test session will take place in the first semester. This test must be passed within the 1st year.


All information related to the OFA (contents to be recovered, description and method of delivery of the test, evaluation criteria, test schedule) will be published on this website