Training internships

In order to obtain the Bachelor's Degree in Gastronomic Sciences, as required by the curriculum of the Degree Programs, an internship is required for the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge of the world of work to complete the student's education.

 The Internship activity corresponds, for students enrolled starting from the 2015/2016 academic year, to 7 credits corresponding to 175 hours in total. For students enrolled in previous years the Internship activity corresponds to 6 CFU corresponding to 150 hours.

The internship period normally takes place not before the last year of the course according to one of the following three methods (at students choice):
INTERNSHIP AT THE UNIVERSITY STRUCTURE at Departments or research groups operating within the University of Parma, hereinafter referred to as "Internal Internship";
INTERNSHIP AT EXTERNAL STRUCTURE at Companies, Public or Private organizations outside the University of Parma (including other Universities), with which specific agreements have been stipulated, hereinafter referred to as "External Internship";
INTERNSHIP IN INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY at Companies, Public or private foreign law organizations, with which specific conventions have been stipulated, or within the Erasmus Plus Program or in the other internationalization programs of the University of Parma, hereinafter referred to as “Internship International".
In any case, the Internship period takes place under the responsibility of an Academic Tutor. The function of Academic Tutor can be carried out by any Teacher who is a member of the Department of Food and Drug Sciences.


The choice of the Academic Tutor must be made by the student during the approval phase of the training project, only after having personally verified its availability. In the case of External Internship or International Internship the Academic Tutor must avail collaborate with an External Tutor, indicated by the managers of the external structure. In this case, the Convention between the University of Parma and the external structure must be active at the same time, unless it is an internship carried out within the framework of international exchange programs (in this case, the student must refer to the services management of these Programs).


The student will also be able to access one of the internal compilation internship opportunities (for example, through literature analysis) offered by structured lecturers in the Department of Food and Drug Sciences or by course holders in the Gastronomic Sciences Course. For each scientific area of ​​the Degree Course (Food Technology, Nutrition, Chemistry, Economics and Event Management, Primary Plant and Animal Productions, Microbiology, Culture and History), each year, it will be possible to access at least 3 topics covered by the Internal Compilation Internship . These topics will be made available from the beginning of the third year by the Reference Teacher